Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sydney Opera House

The one thing scientists seldom admit about their work is that they also get to travel to amazing places and meet amazing people. Science journalists get to do the same. So far this week, in addition to meeting renowned scientists, we've had an amazing discussion with Australia sex workers like Janelle Fawkes from the Scarlet Alliance and two gay male AIDS survivors from the very earliest days of the epidemic.

There's a microbicide conference coming up next year in New Delhi. The next IAS conference is in Mexico City. The UN climate change people are going to Bali at the end of the year.

Us, we'd be tempted by any offer to stay in Sydney. What a city. Had our first free evening and went out on a cruise of Darling Harbour, under the iconic bridge (yes, people do climb the top part) and fell in love with the Sydney Opera House.

Now we're making plans to get INSIDE the Sydney Opera House...finances permitting. It's simply the most beautiful building.

But journalists, like scientists, don't want to always admit that some of this work stuff can be fun...why can't science be fun AND important? How will you get the next generation to become scientists if it's all dour and Calvinist?

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Mun-Keat Looi said...

Glad some science journalists get out and about. Some of us are stuck in London offices...